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Who I Am

I Am Giovanni Lombardi from Italy, born in Capua (CE) in 1962. In the 1980s I decided to undertake economic and commercial studies, so I graduated in Business Economics at the University of Salerno 1985. Next Year, after playing a master in financial law at the L.Bocconi University in Milan, my strong interest in this field, led me to work for the “Arthur Andersen”in the USA, the first auditing Company in the world, moreover, I attended very important training courses on this subject. First in Spain to attend the accounting auditing course at the Arthur Andersen Education Center, then in the USA, at S. Charles, for the EDP auditing course.

I was, immediately, fascinated by America; after all, it could represent, but also today, a good opportunity to increase the passions of a twenty- year- old-man particularly in this field. However, I have never forgotten my Campania origin during that years, rather, I have always thought to come back Italy to put into practice what I learnt abroad. At the end of 1989, I received a remarkable job offer, so when I was 26 I became Manager responsible for the strategic planning and control of the Banco di Napoli Holding and since 1994 I had been Vice President of the Sim BN Fumagalli Soldan (the financial brokerage company of Banco di Napoli) where I was honored to cooperate with Mr. Ettore Fumagalli, the President of the Italian stockbrokers; inside Banco di Napoli, I played different important roles of growing responsibility up to 1999. In 2003, after a short experience as Manager of the Credem Credit Group, I was the CEO of an important Group in the dialysis sector, the owner of about ten hemodialysis surgeries which represent some reference points for the diagnosis and treatments of renal chronic pathologies in Campania taking it in the 3rd place at national level. Then, by putting my experience at my family’s disposal, I made a contribution to the creation of the Nefrocenter group, a leading company in the field of clinics for dialysis, diabetology and metabolic deseases. (Today, the second one at national level in this sector)


One of my deepest passion is soccer. A passion becoming reality when I was appointed Managing Adviser of the Federcalcio Pro League in 2015

The deep bond between me and my town made me particularly sensitive to the social problems of Campania reagion, that is why I founded  the “Aspera Ad Astra-Onlus Association” in 2011 with my family and very important leaders of my region. It is a non-profit-making organisation whose only purpose is the social solidarity by carrying out its activity in the field of the social welfare, solidarity and scientific research in the oncology, paediatric haematological, nephrology, transplant and dialysis sectors.

Professional Experience
  • 1985NCR Corporation (USA)analyst
  • 1986Arthur Andersen (USA)auditor
  • 1989Banco di Napoli HoldingManager responsible for the Strategic Planning and Control
  • 1994BN Fumagalli SoldanVice President of the Sim
  • 1994BN Leasing e factoringMember of a Board of Directions
  • 1994Banco di Napoli HoldingAssistant to the CEO
  • 1995Banco di NapoliManager of the Investments Office
  • 1998Banco di NapoliChief Financial Officer
  • 2000Banca EuromobiliarePrivate Banking Officer
  • 2003Cimasa DialisiCEO
  • 2015 Lega ProManaging Adviser


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